Delivery Time Frame

Delivery Time Frame

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Delivery time mainly depends on your final destination and the time of the year you wish to move. Other conditions may also play a vital role, some are well known and already factored in where others may not be predicted by any form or way. Let’s look closely on what affects delivery time.

A reputable moving company will always ask for a delivery window because it is impossible to predict a specific delivery date before the truck gets closer to your destination. The US Department Of Transportation implanted laws and regulations when it comes to safety, the safety of your belongings and the safety of  our hard working drivers. By law, drivers are restricted to a limited amount of hours they can drive per day and therefore must get enough rest before they can go back on the road. Drivers must record their progress of driving and resting in their log books for inspection as part of their daily routine.

Drivers tend to experience multiple stops on the way, as trucks and commercial vehicles are subject to weight restrictions and federal safety laws. The US Department Of Transportation requires moving trucks to check into weight stations for regular safety inspections. In addition driving long distances means trucks must be well maintained and adjusted to road and weather conditions and sometimes it also means stopping for mechanical repairs.

The size of your move also affects the delivery date. If the volume of your shipment is not large enough to occupy the entire truck, movers may make additional stops along the way to pickup more loads. That is very common in the moving industry since movers cannot afford shipping trucks that are not full.

It is very important to understand the logistics behind long distance moves and be flexible with delivery dates. Keep in mind that a reputable moving company will never guarantee a delivery date before the truck is close to your destination. Now that you know what affects delivery schedule, you will be able to plan your move accordingly. Please remember to discuss your delivery requirements with our moving consultants so we can coordinate your delivery schedule to accommodate your plans.

Last But Not Least..

By now you probably have realized we have all the tools and skills to provide you with top notch long distance moving and storage services. We hope you enjoyed the process of learning new information and we would like to invite you to go deeper into our Guide section, which goes into practical instructions and must know principles when it comes to planning your move. We are excited to share more of our knowledge and provide you with a wonderful moving experience.



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