Accessibility And Truck Sizes

Accessibility And Truck Sizes

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Very often our consumers and customers ask us  what truck we are going to arrive in or if the same truck will deliver their belongings. The answer to this question may vary and entirely depends on accessibility. When moving long distances, moving companies operate with two different truck sizes 26 footer truck andsemi tractor trailer, which is also referred to as an 18 wheeler or 53 footer truck. The 26 footer truck is often used for the pickup process to ensure easy navigation driving around town, small complexes or twisting dirt roads. However, when movers drive long distances or cross country the semi tractor trailer is being used unless a special request has been made. Moving companies use semi tractor trailers to relocate cross country because larger trucks have greater capacities and can hold more loads while going back and forth. For your convenience, we out linedareas* that may not allow access to semi tractor trailers. It is fundamental to review accessibility options ahead of time to guarantee a smooth ride. In order to ensure accessibility for your delivery, our moving consultant specialists will look into various options to accommodate your relocation process in the best possible way.


* Areas NY- NY, Chicago IL, Rural areas with steep hills, some dirt roads, apartment complexes, certain storage facilities**, roads  with low trees, one way roads and busy roads or streets with limited parking.


If you wish us to relocate your personal belongings to a storage facility, before selecting a storage unit please make sure the unit you inquire about has access to a semi tractor trailer.



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